Batista Returning To WWE To Face Brock Lesnar?


Dave Meltzer is reporting that Batista may be on his way back to WWE to face Brock Lesnar. Batista stated in a recent interview that he would like to make a return to WWE in the near future to mix it up with the likes of The Rock and Lesnar. With The Rock’s recent injury interfering with the build to the planned Rock/Brock feud for next year’s Wrestle Mania, the idea is that Batista could return and take The Rock’s place in the feud against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

It is also being reported that Batista is currently in training for this big return to the ring and is now at or pretty close to the 290 pound mark which was his billed weight during his final run in WWE. Dave Batista last competed in WWE in 2010 and left the company to pursue a career in MMA and film.

My View
I’m not sure that I completely buy this story. It sounds more like speculation than fact to me. Batista says in an interview that he would like to return for a match against either Rock or Brock, Rock gets hurt at this year’s Wrestle Mania, and now we’re writing Batista in to face Lesnar at Wrestle Mania 30? Are we automatically assuming that The Rock (who is currently training days after being injured) will be sidelined for more than a year? I’m just not buying this story. Besides, i’m still waiting for the return of MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Carlito that we were supposed to get back in January.

If this story is true then I find it interesting considering the fact that Batista was quoted in interviews not long ago bashing WWE and their decision to go PG, naming it one of his main reasons for leaving the company in the first place. (Of course the recent return of the New Age Outlaws may suggest that you can say whatever you want about the company as long as you bow down and join the kiss my ass club upon return.) I also find it interesting as I don’t really see Batista vs Brock Lesnar being a big money match that’ll draw in a ton of viewers. I actually see fans turning on this match the way they did Lesnar vs Goldberg. Batista is currently 44 years old and has 3 years worth of ring rust on him, and has nothing to gain from a feud with either The Rock or Brock Lesnar and vice versa. Not to mention the fact that aside from his final run as a heel, he was never really anything special to begin with.

If Rock can’t go and won’t be able to face Lesnar, why throw a boat load of money at Batista for a match that the could stink up the place and the crowd could potentially shit on? Why not move Lesnar into a feud with someone who’s already on the roster and could use the rub? As I said if this story is accurate it will be interesting to see how it plays out and how the crowd responds to it.

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